Apply Carbon s.a.


FROM 60µ up to 300 µ

This is a fine powder which is mixed with various materials. The milled recycled carbon fibres can have various lengths or avivages. The applications are endless because the use thereof markedly improves the properties of the thermoplastic or thermoset products. Thus the conducting and mechanical characteristics are elevated to a higher level. The dimensional stability and the chemical resistance are also further improved.


Procotex is also researching new markets for end-of-life carbon waste. With a capacity over 2000 tonnes of recycled carbon per year, and daily, strict quality controls in our modern laboratory, Procotex provides a unique competitive advantage. Thanks to a big feedstock of 2500 ton of raw materials, we can assure a continuous supply.

Similar To Virgin Grade

Extensive testing, internally and together with external laboratories, followed by production testing in various production environments, has shown that the properties of our recycled fibre products are almost identical to first-choice carbon fibres.

CARBISO™ C: precision Cut Carbon fibres (300 micron to 120mm)

We are able to do precision cutting ranging from 300µm to 120mm. The exceptional properties of the cut fibres are comparable with this first grade quality. The fibres are treated to be used in automatic supply and blending facilities. The avivages are modified based on the materials to be blended.

  • Recycled cut carbon fibres with sizings for thermoplastic uses
  • Recycled cut carbon fibres with sizings for thermoset material
  • Recycled cut carbon fibres with water-soluble sizings

CARBISO™ OS: Oversized and cut carbon fibres (6mm)

In order to cope with the growing amount of carbon fibre waste, Procotex installed a new tailor-made carbon fibre sizing and chopping line in January 2015. Extensive tests in both in-house and external labs, followed by production scale tests at different compounders, showed that the properties of our recycled carbon products are almost identical to virgin grade chopped fibres.

The oversized fibres are well bundled by using an optimal sizing agent which is compatible with any specific resin and helps to improve the workability in any application or process. The oversized and chopped recycled carbon fibres are mostly used as reinforcing material in thermoplastics and add good conductivity to the plastics.

New developments also include recycled carbon fibres (CF.OS.P) compatible with non-polar polymers (PP, PE…) but not limited to this as we offer also custom-made sizings according to the client’s demand.
Last but not least, Procotex offers a range of oversized and chopped recycled carbon fibres that are used to be blended into concrete applications. (CF.OS.H)

All processes can also be carried out on commission, even smaller quantities, to offer you maximum flexibility. Please contact us for more information.

Product[sizing] (%)Compatibility
CF.OS.U13.5 ± 1.0PA6, PA66, polar thermoplastics & thermoset resins
CF.OS.U23.5 ± 1.0PA6, PA66, PET, PBT,  PMMA, thermoset resins
CF.OS.A3.5 ± 1.0PA6, PA 66, PPA, PAA, PET, PBT, PMMA, PPS
CF.OS.I3.5 ± 1.0PA6, PA 66, PEEK, PEI, PPS, PI, PC
CF.OS.P3.5 ± 1.0PE, PP, ABS, Non polar polymers
CF.G3.5 ± 1.0Water soluble for concrete
CF.OS.T3.5 ± 1.0PC, PP, VE, thermosets

CARBISO™ P: short fibre pellets

Procotex is developing now a pellet which will contain chopped recycled fibres of 1-2mm which will proof even a higher density to feed your extruder and will show even better properties in strength and conductivity in your compounds.