Clariant Cooperation with the Plastic Bank

Clariant Cooperation with the Plastic Bank

The Plastic Bank is a social enterprise and economic development firm that empowers disenfranchised communities to exchange any type of plastic waste for currency.

As a company that is committed to sustainable development, Clariant is supportive of actions to minimize and manage plastic waste and promote a circular plastic economy.

In 2019, Clariant teamed up with the Plastic Bank, purchasing thousands of Plastic Bank’s Social Plastic Collection Credits®.

The credits enabled the recovery and recycling of over 49,000 kg of ocean-bound plastic, equivalent to over 2 million PET bottles, providing a welcomed secondary income for hundreds of people in local communities in Lombok and Bali in Indonesia.

Partnerships and collaborations like this one enable Clariant to extend across its value chain and cultivate truly sustainable ecosystems that address today’s challenges and contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Plastic Bank currently operates in Haiti, Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Social Plastic® Collection Credits

Social Plastic® Collection Credits function similarly to carbon credits.

1 SPCC = 1 kg of plastic prevented from entering the ocean.

SPCCs are the core of all our Plastic Neutral programs, which can be activated by individuals or organizations of any size.

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Clariant Plastic Bank Linkedin Post
Clariant Plastic Bank Linkedin Post


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Cooperation with the Plastic Bank

Social Plastic Collection Credits


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