Месяц: Апрель 2020

Aramco Buys Sabic at Worse Time

Aramco agreed last year to buy the controlling stake in SABIC from the kingdom’s wealth fund for $69.1 billion, sealing one of the biggest-ever deals in the global chemical industry. Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, is in early talks with banks for a loan of about $10 billion to help finance its acquisition…
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Bioplastics from Olive Pits

Spain is the world’s leading olive oil producer and therefore generates considerable waste during the stoning process. This waste is currently incinerated for power generation. However, AIMPLAS and OLIPE, Olivarera de los Pedroches, have implemented the GO-OLIVA project to find a high value-added application for this waste by producing a new sustainable packaging material for…
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Label for Climate Damaging Products

Graphic imagery should be used on petrol pumps and air tickets, experts say. Cigarette packets with grisly warnings of the consequences of smoking are intended to deter smokers. Now a group of public health experts says similar warnings should appear on high-carbon products, from airline tickets and energy bills to petrol pumps, to show consumers…
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