Месяц: Ноябрь 2022

New Advancements in Cyclic Olefin Resin for Additive Manufacturing

The additive manufacturing industry is a fairly new and developing industry that started in the early 1980s. Since its invention, technology has improved significantly. Recent developments in additive manufacturing have unlocked a significant potential for expanding simple ideas into complicated multimaterial geometries. New applications in biomedical devices, dentistry, medication delivery, microfluidics, rapid prototyping, tooling, tissue…
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Avient’s Technology Helps Confirm Origin of Fibers in Polyester and Polyamide Textiles

Avient Corporation announced the launch of new Cesa™ fiber tracer concentrates specifically developed to help confirm the origin of fibers in different applications, including garment, sportswear, and home textiles. This enables producers and brand owners within the textile industry to more easily determine the source of the fiber, verifying information provided on labels. Using Special Taggants…
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Covestro Partners with HASCO Vision for Recycling Post-industrial Used Plastics

Covestro has formed a partnership with China’s auto lighting supplier HASCO Vision to build a closed-loop recycling business model that would guarantee the plastics recycled from the manufacturing of automotive lamps are both of high quality and traceable. PIR PC to Produce New Automotive Parts A long-standing partner of HASCO Vision, Covestro has for many years…
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